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Rifles & Bows in-Transit

  • ​​Enquire about "rifles-in-transit" on international flights when booking your flight tickets. Your travel agent will need this information as certain airlines doesn't allow "rifles-in-transit" on their flights.

  • Use strong, durable hard shell rifle cases with good locking mechanisms and use separate cases for ammunition.

  • If possible bring along soft rifle carry bags to use when traveling around the hunting area for protection against minor bumping and dust.

  • When travelling with bows the very same apply as for rifles, strong durable hard shell carry cases with good locking mechanisms. Remember soft carry bags for traveling around the hunting area.

  • Visit your nearest Customs and Border Protection office to obtain the required CBP 4457 document. (Required for international traveling with rifles when re-entering the US.  

  • All rifles and ammunition entering South Africa must be accompanied by a temporary rifle import permit. Appointing a Rifle Import Agent will streamline the process drasticaly. Go to the "Rifle Imports" page for more info and agent recommendation.

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Rifle Import

The success of your safari will ultimately be the bagging of the desired trophies you want to hunt. By using your own rifle, which you are familiar with and confident in shooting, increases the chance of success drastically.


Big Game Africa highly recommend the appointment of a rifle import agent to assist in obtaining the required temporary rifle import permits for rifles and ammunition in to South Africa. South Africa has a very strict Rifle and Ammunition Control Act and is enforced accordingly by authorities. The Act brings along a lot of "red-tape" for temporary rifle import permits and it could be a timeous and frustrating process doing it yourself.  

To ensure your temporary rifle import permits is ready in time for your safari, we recommend to get in contact with Go2 Safari Concierge as preferred rifle import agent for Big Game Africa Safaris.


Click to download and read more about Go2 Safari Concierge 

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