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as described by those who dared

Hunting dangerous game in Africa is not just the epitome of the ultimate hunting experience, it’s about putting yourself in the face of death, standing your ground and let loose of all senses in your body to conquer the most dangerous Africa has to offer.

As Buffalo, Elephant and Lion among the many dangerous game species that roams our vast concession areas, you will find yourself right in the middle of what Africa is all about and this is exactly why you will be coming to Africa, Dangerous Game Hunting.


Hunting Tanzania, South Africa or any other African country and being in pursuit of any Dangerous Game species is an adrenalin pumping, heart stopping experience that can only be described by those who dared.

Our highly experienced Professional Hunters, specializing in dangerous game hunting, will guide you on an unforgettable hunt, pursuing only the very best quality trophies Africa has to offer.

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