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Decide on a date for your planned Safari and get in contact with us via e-mail at or WhatsApp at +27 71 421 9259 to confirm availability and get the date set.

Complete the required safari questionnaire and return to the office to get your booking registered.

Forward proof of payment of your deposit payment as final confirmation of your booking

Check your passport expiry date and confirm it will still be valid for at least six months after the completion date of your Safari.

Contact your travel agent to book your flight tickets and confirm "rifle-in-transit" policies of the airline if you intend to bring your own rifles on safari

Get in contact with Go2 Safari Concierge to get the application process for your temporary rifle import permits started

Complete, sign and return all the safari documentation as required including your flight itinerary

Check in on our advised pack list to be prepared for what needs to be packed for your Safari

Obtain your CBP4457 document from your Customs office (necessary when traveling with rifles)

Consult with your Physician if you have any medical conditions and obtain documentation for prescription medication that needs to travel with you to Africa

Take out Travel and Medical Insurance before your departure to Africa

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